So I started live streaming on twitch

On December 10th,2017, I had my first live stream from my computer. I played Prison Architect. Where I tried to build a prison and when it started falling apart I quickly moved to escape mode. Escape mode was fun until I was put in midsection and couldn’t find a room that had a lighter. I’m going to stream again on Thursday and Friday this week because I have early release. Also it would be a great way to blow off some steam from finals.

One thing I thought about to make my stream more unique is to have a theme of Kappa being a religion of sorts. Not in your face religion but something that could be an inside joke. Now to have an inside joke you first must have a joke, someone telling the joke, people laughing at a joke and it must be something that no other person who wasn’t there would laugh at. I’m not sure having a Kappa religion and saying Kappa is the one true god is funny. I mean it’s funny to me but I have a weird sense of humor. People may see me saying “Thanks *insert name here* for the follow! You’ve just accepted Kappa as your one true god. May the Kappa gods watch over you.” As weird and not funny. Leading them to say “Yeah…maybe I don’t want to watch this epic guys.” I’m not sure.

This week when I’m not studying for finals I’m going to be working on my follower notifications and stuff like that. So my channel can look more official. I also may make a intro, brb and outtro screen. I have a lot of stuff to do to make my stream look like I’m actually trying. I shall also keep to my schedule of streaming on the weekends. I still have to figure out times that work for me. As said before I have a lot to do. But I think I can do it.

For those wondering, here’s a link to my channel: Twitch channel


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