An idea 

I’ve always wanted to buy a good microphone. Buy a good camera. And buy one of the best video editing software out there. I would use this stuff to make sports news YouTube channel. There would be a daily live stream and the best clips from that live stream would be selected for videos on their own. If you ever seen or watched the YouTube channel called “Louder with Crowder” it would be in that format but it’s about sports. It would also give the scores from the games that took place the day before. With video highlights as well. But I would have to find a way to get clips without stealing from the major sports channels.  I love writing, don’t get me wrong, but I get burnt out on it at times. So talking would be easier for me. 

Why sports news? I’m more passionate about sports than regular news. I find Sports more interesting and, if allowed, I could talk for hours about sports. Football, Baseball, Track & Field events, college sports and sometimes basketball and hockey. I also found that YouTube is seriously lacking in this area. What it needs is something like ESPN’S sports centre.

So where would I do this? To be honest I’m not really sure of that. My dream is to have my own studio. Big and Spacious. A desk with a mic and a screen with the show’s symbol would be the spot where I sit. But I have to start out small. Small as in from my desk in my bedroom or in radio/podcast format where you hear my voice but don’t see me. Because I can’t and won’t be able to start out in a studio like setting. All this has also got me thinking. ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports and the NFL Network (also the other sport leagues centred tv channels) have a monopoly on sports broadcast journalism. The bleacher report, the websites for the cable sports channels and SBNation all have a monopoly on online Sports Journalism.  If someone wanted to start a sports centred news thing on YouTube, they couldn’t show actual video highlights due to leagues and their video distribution rights. Sports journalism is heavily controlled by the leagues. They are the gate keepers. If you want to get anywhere you need to join a company that’s a media giant. It’s something heavily controlled. What the media giants aren’t adjusting to is that the public wants something that their not paying out of the wazoo for. ESPN knows this first hand and they are suffering. They made more layoffs during April. The leagues also are being slow to catch on to this. 
So this is just an Idea. But it’s something I’m very interested in and might do while I’m in college. 


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