Bit Blaster XL

Bit Blaster XL is an arcade style game that has a retro look to it. You are given a ship that you must fly around and if you hit one of the targets, you lose a shield or explode. You can’t hit the edges or you’ll explode. There’re other rockets that fire red balls of explosion and death at you that you must avoid.  You also get these little green balls that come from the destroyed targets that give you more amou. You’ll eventlly lose amo and when you lose amo then you have a higher chance of dying and not getting points from hitting targets.

There’re other rockets you can buy as well, some are bigger, slower, smaller, faster, smaller, shoot faster, shoot slower. To get the other rockets you buy them with coins. You can get coins by either buying them or from targets. It’s a slow process of getting coins and upgrading. It’s a grinder at times.

There was a deal where it only cost .45 cents on steam but that deal maybe done. So you’ll have to see when you go to look at the game.  I also made a video of it so if you want to watch gameplay of it you can.

All and all it’s a good game. If you’re into acrade style games or if you’re looking for games to play while you’re waiting for another game to download or update, then Bit Blaster XL is for you.



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