What the Mrs G tribute is missing.

I had forgotten to put down my thoughts on mrs G for the newspaper tribute to her. So this is the only place I can put it here for now:  

Last year Mrs G was the first teacher to greet me on my first of high school. I remember walking up her journalism 1 class. I said my name and she found my schedule. She handed it to me, pointed to a doctor pepper I was holding and said “so I see you’re drinking dr pepper”. I said “Yeah. It’s my source of caffeine.” It was really awkward. But what made it memorable for me is that she seemed so excited and happy. I went from “oh my god, high school. I’m so nervous” to “yeah,maybe this won’t be so bad”. In that journalism 1 class, I found out more about journalism and made me more excited to do journalism. I’m sad that she’s leaving. Knowing no one can replace her. If Mrs G is reading this, I’ll miss you having you as a teacher. Nobody will replace you at keller.



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