YouTube putting quantity over quality 

So this has been know for years now, but YouTube forces people to post videos everyday or close to everyday. They want you to edit less and post more. That can be a good thing for people who’s job is making and posting videos. But a bad thing for those who are in school and can’t post videos everyday.  How is this bad? Well YouTube won’t notify your subscribers or any other people that you uploaded a video.

“on youtube, quantity out weighs quality
YouTube is making you upload more stuff, so you can get more views. Which if you have school in the way, it’s basically screwing you over. YouTube needs to change this and give everyone a chance to get views. Not everyone will upload everyday and that’s ok. You should still get a fair shake on people know that you have a new video up.

Also, I may upload a video today. I’m not sure. So keep a eye on here or on Twitter for when I post a video.

Excellent out.


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