Walking dead troubles.

It’s christmas day, I’m excited to buy some games with my steam gift card. I get on steam, put the money on my wallet, buy universe sandbox 2. Than the next game I buy is “Walking dead season 1”. The game down loads and I open it. Instead of the game working and me playing it, I end with the opening screen spasming out.  First thought is “Oh, maybe it’s just a glitch and I can just close the game and reopen it.” So I force quit out of the game and reopen it. Again, it’s not working. So now I’m thinking “Maybe I just need to restart the computer” and so I restart the computer. Once it’s finished restarting and I’m back on the desk top, I open up walking dead and again I’m having the same problem.

After  a week of trying the same thing over in over again, today I finally gave up and sent a request to steam to return the game and get a refund. I’m now currently waiting. The frustrating thing is that this is a game I really wanted and I can’t get it to work! If I don’t get the refund and be able to return the game, I’m stuck with a game  I can’t play  in my library! I tried everything both the tailtell games and steam say to solve the problem AND EVEN THAT DIDN’T WORK!


I’m both sad, disappointed, depressed and annoyed.


UPDATE: I did get my refund and I used the refunded money on TF2 items. So I am now happy.


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