Process of writing in newspaper 

There’s a process for writing in newspaper. It’s a process that once you’re done with the story and it’s printed in the newspaper, that can be rewarding. 

It starts with a idea. You think about that idea. What I do, is that I just start writing and play with that idea. If it’s working and doesn’t look like shit, then tell the head of the newspaper. From there you write. 

Writing it is the fun part. After writing for a day, then coming back the next day and deleting the parts that aren’t working and rewrite those parts, than continue writing the article. The best part of writing the article is when everything is just flowing. You don’t stop and think about what to write (technically type) next. It just comes to you as your going along. 

Once you finish, you send it too the editors. They’ll look at it and tell you what you should add, they change some sentences and sometimes rewrote some of the sentences. I know this because in my “freshman guide to the rest of the school year” article, some of the words and sentences are different from what I had in the pre-edited. The article didn’t change, but some of the wording did. 

After the editors, it’s put into the paper. The paper is printed and than distributed.  Another fun part is having people read what you wrote. 

It’s rewarding to hear people say they liked your articles that you wrote and worked hard on.  


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